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Organization Structure

The organizational structure of IECA (ASPERAPI) is as follows:

National Meeting
The national meeting is a national scale meeting held once three years, and holds the highest authority of the organization at the national level. It will formulate national resolutions of the organization, decide the development of the next meeting and elect the Central Board of IECA (ASPERAPI)
Central Board of IECA
The Central Board of IECA chairs the highest management at the national level. It will manage internal and external matters and be responsible for the operation of the organization based on the decision of the national meeting.
Provincial Boards of IECA
The Provincial Boards of IECA chair the highest management at the provincial level.
Executive Director
An executive director organizes any daily activities of the provincial management board. He/she is assisted by a secretariat office and reports to the Central Board.
Secretariat Office
Both the central board and provincial boards respectively have a permanent secretariat office. The duties of the secretariat office are as follow: to operate administrative works, to manage personal and financial matters, and to organize assets. The secretariat office is managed by an executive secretary.
Membership of IECA (ASPERAPI) opens to all companies in the exhibition, convention and supporting industries. The IECA’s members are subject to registration fee of IDR 2.000,000 and monthly membership fee of IDR 300,000.
Pursuant to the decree of The Fourth National Meeting held on February 17 - 18, 2002, IECA will collect some fees from any member organizing a trade exhibition. The fee is calculated by the occupied or sold space of the event.
Since 1999 – 2008, IECA had published regular exhibition directory as a tool for promoting the events organized by its member.