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Year 1990 – 1993

Mr. Utama Kajo had been the chairman of the Central Board. His management generated ethic codes for managing exhibition and convention in Indonesia. Since then, these had been applied to guide the exhibition and convention community. 14 companies had been registered during these periods.

Year 1993 – 1996

The Central Board had been chaired by Mr. Bramantyo W. He had focused on consolidating and developing the organization. Any formal and informal meetings of IECA members and Department of Industry and Trade had been organized periodically. To improve the ability and capability of the members, seminars and educational training of exhibition and convention were held as one of the program. 94 active companies had joined during these periods.

Year 1996 – 1999

Chaired by Mr. Dwi Karsono. He had promoted IECA (ASPERAPI) to be more competitive and professional a long with the condition of global competition. The monetary crisis drove the economic condition to be a bitter one. This condition influenced the exhibition and convention industry.
During these periods, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry revised their structure by adding the Compartment of Exhibition and Convention.
The 3rd national Convention of IECA held on February 17, 1999 in Sari Pan Pacific Hotel made a revision. The acronym of ASPERAPI changed from Asosiasi Perusahaan Penyelanggara Pameran dan Konvensi Indonesia to Asosiasi Perusahaan Pameran Indonesia. Similarly, the English acronym changed from INEXCON (Indonesian Exhibition and Convention Organizers Association) to IECA (Indonesia Exhibition Companies Association). During these periods, 143 companies had been registered.

Year 1999 - 2002

During Mr. Herman Wiriadipoera’s chairman, the central board had prepared programs as follows:
The other successful program was the accreditation of IECA by the Accreditation Board of Indonesia Chamber of Commerce & Industry. The accreditation number is 00300.010226.025, namely National Certificate Board of IECA with the Major / Sub Code Number:
Code   Major / Sub Major
5.00.01   MICE Promotion   Meeting Organizing   Incentive Organizing   Convention   Exhibition   Freight Forwarder   Stand Contractor   MICE Supplying
Mr. Herman Wiriadipoera had also successfully managed the following programs:
  1. Provision of assistance in the approval procedure by the approval principal of Indonesia, i.e. Minister of Industry and Trade.
  2. Organization of trade exhibition, convention, seminar.
  3. Publishing of the Indonesian Exhibition Directory.
  4. Improvement in professionalism of MICE human resources in cooperation with government institutions.
  5. Establishment and official inauguration of provincial boards such as: East Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, South Sulawesi, Bali, Banten, West Java, North Sumatera
  6. Achievement of 250 companies registered as members of IECA.

Year 2002 – 2005

Mr. Syukur Saka had chaired the board. He had continued the programs of the previous board, particularly in cooperation with the government for facilitating the MICE industry. Mr. Syukur Sakka had successfully managed the following programs:
  IECA held an exhibition on its own, “INDES 2005 – The First Indonesia Exhibition, Convention & Supporting Industry Event”, this exhibition was a valuable opportunity for gathering exhibition, convention and supporting industry counterparts, services provides, government officials of respective regions and trade and industry experts in various sectors.
  IECA played a role in establishing an exhibition and convention federation in Asian region, i.e. AFECA – Asian Federation of Exhibition and Convention Association.
  IECA Participated in “IECM 2004 @ Singapore – International Exhibition, Convention & Meeting Industry Expo”.
  IECA organized an outbound event aimed at strengthening friendship among the members of IECA.
  IECA improved profesionalism of human resources through a cooperation with the educational institution and government.
  IECA established 1 Municipal Board Office in Solo.

Year 2005 – 2008

The central board has been chaired by Mrs. Dra S Hartati Murdaya. During her management, IECA has developed vision and mission as follows:
  Maintaining the previous central board programs.
  Encouraging the members to increase the quantity and quality of events.
  Encouraging the volume of trading transaction in each event.
  Encouraging the member to increase the scale of exhibitions from local to national and from national to international.
  Improving the role of exhibition industry in the national economic development.
Mrs. Murdaya had also successfully managed the following programs:
IECA established the Provincial Board Of IECA of Kepulauan Riau in 2006
IECA organized an educational and training program for all exhibition industry and mass public as follows:
IECA had successfully made a research on exhibition industry

Year 2008 – 2011

Mrs. Dra S Hartati Murdaya has been elected again in The National Meeting of ASPERAPI on February 17-18, 2008. 

Besides continuing the previous programs, Mrs. Murdaya has managed the following programs :