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Exhibltion is an industry that is constantly evolving in various countries. Nowadays many world class organizer glance at Asia as a place to hold the exhibition that is highly desirable. This happens because of economic growth in Asia are increasingly improved.

The changes that occur in Asla needs to be examined and understood in greater depth therefore every chance can be utilized as well as possible. China is currently the fastest growing country in Asia, but in the comlng years the exhibition industry in some other Asian countries wil be growing by leaps and bounds

Particularly in lndonesia, since 2011 significant changes began to appear. it marked by several world class organizers come to Indonesia who organize various exhibitions in Jakarta. Before the year 2011 we only see the All World Exhibitions who regularly organizes exhibitions in Indonesia. But since 2011 another organizer such as : UBM, REED, Tarsus, VNU and many others have been exploring to hold exhibition in Indonesia.

The changes that occur at the moment should be observed positively by the presence of an era of globalization as well as the AFTA who gives new atmosphere in the exhibition industry sector in Indonesia. These changes need to be anticipated by the organizers and stand builders that already exist or whoever wants to participate in Indonesia.

Organizer, stand builder, Hall Management, Supplier or other parties that related to the exhibition industry, need to be adaptable to the changes that are currently underway. Therefore these changes can be used as well as possible for all of us.

Join us at The 4th EXHIBITION FORUM INDONESIA, where the whole participants can discuss about latest industry developments in Asia, especially in Indonesia. The opportunity to establish a better partnership for future exhibitions in Indonesia.

General Information
Date Thursday, 26 May 2016
Venue Garuda 5 Room, Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)
BSD City, Indonesia
(The Indonesian Exhibition Companies Association)


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